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About Rolfing

Structural Integration, otherwise known as Rolfing; a nickname coined in the 1960s at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. It is now a registered trademark of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

Ida Rolf
Rolfing founder, Ida Rolf

Life's rich pageant places many stresses and strains on the body, which in turn adapts and repairs. These stresses and strains can lead to imbalanced function, limited expression and gesture, and can create pain.

Rolfing is a paradigm of work within which, structural integrator and client work together, systematically redressing, stimulating, and educating the fascial system.

A hands-on manipulation of the connective tissue, carried out over a series of sessions. Not a technique or a sequence of techniques, but a thread of ideas bringing gravity within the body, giving support and a lightness of being. Unrecognised and not appreciated most structural pain is the collapse of the body structure out of its gravitational field. An integrated structure is where, as Doctor Ida P Rolf said, "Gravity is the Therapist".

Structural integration or Rolfing is not about body image or body-ism, but about creating a freedom to move with ease, and more within the body’s haptic system, thus promoting fluidity, vitality and resilience.